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Psychic Readings and Tarot Readings can offer confirmation, inspiration and hope, providing guidance connected to your biggest issues and blocks. Sessions are available online, via Skype or in person around Newbury & Thatcham, Berkshire.

Having a psychic reading with an experienced, genuine and ethical psychic reader like Natalie can be a valuable resource to help you accomplish your goals, rediscover peace of mind, create greater happiness, and find a renewed sense of self.

Natalie is willing to tell you the truth, always coming from a loving, caring and gentle place, and you will receive answers to your questions so that you can make healthy and successful decisions.

Tarot Readings 

This session will give you an in depth look at different aspects of your life and guidance in the choices and directions that are possible for you.

Life Readings 

Life reading consists of looking at your soul path and your highest potentials, and will include health problems, financial, personal, and spiritual problems.

Spiritual Advisor/Mentor 

You may not feel as if you need a psychic reading, but prefer to have a psycho-spiritual counselling session which allows you to express and work through troubling life issues.

As well as being a natural psychic, Natalie is also intuitive, a healer and is a Reiki Master, NFSH Healer, Theta Practitioner & is founder of Intuitive Core Healing. She has completed a foundation counselling and Samaritan course.

She offers a wide range of sessions from intuitive readings to healing, energy clearing, soul retrieval, relationship cleansing, emotional healing and more.

For a full range of sessions please take a look here.