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Appointments/Sessions available for Tarot Card Readings, Life/Soul Readings, Spiritual Counselling & Advisor, Healing, Emotional Therapy, Energy Cleaning and more for Hemel Hempstead & St Albans. Sessions are available in person a short drive away or online via Skype or phone.

Here are some areas Natalie’s sessions can help with:

  • Relationship guidance & healing
  • Spiritual guidance & counselling
  • Life & spiritual crisis points
  • Life purpose & soul connection
  • Living authentically & stronger self connection
  • Obstacles to happiness, health & success can be identified
  • Help heal & clear blocks to health, happiness & success
  • Mental clutter & confusion can clear
  • Gain new insights and potentials to situations
Intuitive psychic guidance to help you with your decision making, find your soul’s path, gain clarity and insight to your inner knowing and empowerment.

Natalie Lewis is a professional psychic, clairvoyant and healer with over 30 years’ experience. She can help you, giving advice about your past, present and future.

Natalie Lewis - Intuitive, Healer & Psychic

I believe when you have a psychic reading you are opening yourself up to a great deal of additional energy that can help you connect to your higher self, your spirituality and the higher consciousness. You are connecting to energy where all solutions and possibilities are available to us all. Wonderful things can happen after a psychic reading. By having a reading you are sending positive signals to the Universe that you are ready to change and move forward. All you need do is stay open and trust  – Natalie

Having a reading with an experienced, genuine and ethical psychic reader like Natalie is a valuable resource to help you accomplish your goals, rediscover peace of mind, create greater happiness, and find a renewed sense of self.  Natalie is willing to tell you the truth, always coming from a loving, caring and gentle place, and you will receive answers to your questions so that you can make healthy and successful decisions.