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Natalie offers a variety of intuitive, psychic & healing sessions. A Tarot Reading is a great way for you to access higher wisdom and find your direction, gain clarity and insight. This can be hard to do yourself when you are in the middle of challenge or confusion. Her sessions have been described as powerful by clients and are available via phone, Skype & online throughout Guildford & Woking.
All of Natalie’s sessions are intended to self empower you and not create dependence or further difficulty. She is a psychic, clairvoyant and intuitive healer with over 30 years’ experience and can help you, giving advice about your past, present and future.
She is committed to giving you the best possible psychic readings & sessions she can and it is her intention that by the time the session is over, you are happy with what you have received. All sessions are confidential and she will not judge you.
Clients feel lighter, inspired and feel more positive to be able to move forward with clarity and confidence. Feel free to read a few testimonials here.

She will often use a combination of all her skills to give you the very best possible reading. Specialising in discovering your soul potential and what you came here to do in this lifetime and live your full potential. 

Whichever type session you have it is best used as guidance and/or confirmation for pointing the best way forward.

Totally exceeded my expectations tarot reading

“Thanks Natalie – that was amazing! I wasn’t expecting half of those old memories to knock on my emotional front door…Sykpe rocks eh?! Who’d a thought you can do all that via the wonders of technology. Love it. I’ve been wanting to let that emotional tidal wave out for a while. No wonder I’ve attracted a house with water issues with that lot dragging in my energetic wake. Loved the session and your energy, you are very gifted.
Your reading and healing session totally exceeded my expectations and I was genuinely surprised at the emotional layers that I’d buried that you allowed me to release. I’m really pleased that I made the investment in myself with your session and I will be recommending you to my family and friends that I know you’d be able to help” – Rik, UK.

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