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Psychic readings and appointments are available around Aylesbury and Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire with Natalie Lewis; a professional psychic, clairvoyant and healer with over 30 years’ experience. She can help you, giving advice about your past, present and future. She will often use a combination of all her skills to give you the very best possible reading.

Natalie’s approach to readings & healing is one of honesty and compassion, bringing insight and personal development to those seeking to improve their understanding of spiritual & soul aspects. 

Intuition is the GPS of the Soul…

When we are stressed or don’t know what to do or which way to turn a psychic reading can help you to tune back into you, and get back on track.

Psychic readings with Natalie can reconnect you to what really matters. Get some perspective in your life.
” Your soul doesn’t care what you do for a living, and when you are at the end of your life neither will you. Your soul only cares about what you are BEING while you are doing. “
For Tarot readings; as well as Tarot Cards depending on the session purchased Natalie can use:

* Traditional Tarot Cards image butterfly
* Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards
* Energy Oracle Cards
* Soul Journey Cards
* Archetype Cards

Intuitive psychic guidance to help you with your decision making, find your soul’s path, gain clarity and insight to your inner knowing and empowerment.
Access higher wisdom and find your direction. See clearly and get insight, as this can be hard to do yourself when you are in the middle of challenge.
Sessions are intended to self empower you and not create dependence.

By having a life reading, you can truly get a full picture in every aspect of your life, home, work, personal, spiritual, romantic and potentials for your future. Natalie is here to help you become self empowered. Being focused on your best and highest path can be challenging, it is not always the easiest to live.

Through years of personal development Natalie is now able to connect to very high and wise guidance, which is of great value to those who are looking for solutions and answers to the bigger questions in life.

We all have a higher purpose and if you have not yet discovered what yours is, then a reading with Natalie will help guide you towards your highest potential.

You are the creator of your life so there are simply potentials available in every moment. You can change anything and choose another potential at any moment.

Whichever type session you have it is best used as guidance and/or confirmation for pointing the best way forward.