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These sessions can use a combination of psychic/clairvoyant skills and Tarot cards in the reading.

Having a reading with an experienced, genuine and ethical psychic reader like Natalie is a valuable resource to help you accomplish your goals, rediscover peace of mind, create greater happiness, and find a renewed sense of self.

A Psychic Tarot reading is a great way to indicate your present energy as well as future possibilities and potentials. The Universe is in a constant state of flow, so this means that all readings reveal the energetic potential of things. As we shift in our awareness and consciousness we also shift the events that come our way.

In order to get the best possible help in a session, it is important to be open and ready to work with Natalie. Deliberately blocking information or issues you have come about, will not help your session as it simply blocks the process. If you are open and honest with Natalie the solutions, answers and guidance can come very quickly.

Natalie will intuitively be guided to the right combination of cards and skills for you on the day from:

* Traditional Tarot Cards image butterfly
* Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards
* Energy Oracle Cards
* Soul Journey Cards
* Archetype Cards

Natalie is willing to tell you the truth, always coming from a loving, caring and gentle place, and you will gain the guidance of answers to your questions so that you can make healthy and successful decisions.

30 mins reading Psychic Tarot Reading:

This session offers you 30 minutes to ask your most urgent questions.  Some people do not want a complete reading covering everything and prefer to just have 2 or 3 questions answered. This Tarot session is perfect for you if this is all you require.

60 mins reading Psychic Tarot Reading:

This session offers you 60 minutes to gain guidance and insight into your present and future potentials, looking at any issues, blocks or areas to be aware of so that you can start to move forward in the best way for you. Often giving you clarification, confirmation & re-assurance about your areas of concern.

If you are looking for a more in depth reading please take a look at our Life/Soul Reading.