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Secrets Of The Universe – 1 day talk

With Natalie Lewis

Personal development, Spiritual & Soul Transformation. 

Would you like to feel empowered, energized, positive and feel like you are really in the driving seat of your life?

Are you fed up, blocked, stuck, depressed or struggling in life?

Come and find out how your life is really working, why your life is the way it is and what you can do to change it.

This 1 day talk can be used for your own personal growth and to gain knowledge and understanding to help yourself, your family and loved ones.

Change your outlook and perspectives connected to everything that happens so that you can feel in control of your life and become self empowered.

Many of us feel that life is happening to us. This day will provide the knowledge and the tools to turn everything around and put you back in the driving seat!

Would you like to know answers to questions like…

” Why do I keep attracting the same type of relationship in my life? ”

” Why isn’t my life working the way I really want it to? ”

” Why have I got recurring patterns & themes and I don’t seem to be able to change them? ”

” Why don’t I ever have enough money? ”

” Why do I always take one step forward and two steps back?”

” Why do I keep feeling stuck? ”

” How do you work WITH the Universe? What is the Law of Attraction, how does it really work and how do you change your law of attraction? ”

If you are struggling to find the solutions to questions like these in your life, this day is for you!

Natalie has been deeply committed to helping others transform for 35 years and brings a wealth of understanding and experience to all her work.

She has worked as a healer and intuitive and has a wealth of experience across the spiritual field.  She has worked Internationally with her sessions, workshops & conferences helping 1000′s of people worldwide.

Natalie shares her understanding in a simple, to the point, no fluff, no frills way.

Secrets of the Universe …

You will never see life in the same way again!

Date: TBC
: 1pm-4pm
Location: High Wycombe
Cost: £69