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This is your opportunity to seek guidance about an issue, situation or problem that presently surround you.

These session offer a soul-level perspective to help you direct your energies towards positive outcomes and give you the courage and clarity to take quantum leaps towards manifesting your goals. Within a session important reminders or wake-up calls are common.

How is the Soul Talk Reading different to other readings?

soul retrieval The Soul Talk Reading helps uncover negative energy, blocks or limitations that are delaying or holding you back from your highest potential.

Once uncovered, Natalie can assist you in that moment to start to clear, release and change that density by providing information and healing that is uniquely tailored to you.

All you need is to be ready for positive change and to come with an open heart and mind.

Whilst our futures are somewhat pre-destined the speed in which we learn, grow and shift is entirely led by free-will and choices.

Each experience along our path is not etched in stone but instead arises out of a sea of possibilities.

Often, we need to pause, gather clarity, perspective and follow our highest potential and this starts with uncovering and breaking old patterns, clearing blocks, limiting beliefs or energy that no longer serves us.