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Discover what is challenging or blocking you in an area of life…

For over 35 years Natalie has been helping people as a psychic & healer. The combination of her powerful healing skills, knowledge, intuition and spiritual guidance/advisor skills have enabled her to fine tune her work to provide powerful sessions for her clients.

These sessions have been designed to help bring clarity, perspective and help to your life. Working on very intuitive levels each session is to help connect you to more of who you really are so that you can create the life you would love to have.

Often sessions are about connecting you to your higher consciousness and evolution of you as a human and spiritual being by clearing any dense or heavy energy that is restricting you.

Here are some areas Natalie’s sessions can help with:

  • Relationship guidance & healing
  • Spiritual guidance & counselling
  • Life & spiritual crisis points
  • Life purpose & soul connection
  • Living authentically & stronger self connection
  • Obstacles to happiness, health & success can be identified
  • Help heal & clear blocks to health, happiness & success
  • Mental clutter & confusion can clear
  • Gain new insights and potentials to situations

This work helps you align your inner dreams and wishes with your outer reality through self empowerment.

Over the years Natalie has spoken to many clients who have had sessions elsewhere and have been left feeling fearful, disempowered or hopeless. She believes that a session of this nature should empower and encourage you so that you then feel able to move forward in positive ways and you have taken the next step forward.

This does sometimes mean that on-going work or support is needed however many clients gain the shifts and changes they desire after only one session.