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What is/what happens in a psychic reading?

How should I prepare for my reading? 

It can often help you to set your intention before you have your reading. Intend that you are going to have the best possible reading where you will receive the best possible guidance, help and information that is possible.

How do I book a reading with you? 

You can contact Natalie by email or by phone to arrange an appointment. Payment can be made through PayPal on the web site or in cash at the time of the reading. Please let Natalie know what type of reading you want.

How long does a reading last? 

You can have an hour long session or a half hour session. Should it be necessary to continue for a little longer no extra charge will be made.

Do I have to have Tarot Cards in my reading? 

Tarot Cards are optional. Natalie will ask you at the beginning of your session if you would like them used as part of your session. Sometimes Tarot Cards will pick up on something different from Natalie so it can be useful.

What happens in my reading? 

This depends on what you want. People come for a reading for a great many reasons. Because of the huge variation of types of readings that Natalie is capable of it is important that you let her know what you want and are expecting from your session.

She specialises in helping aware, awake and conscious people to reach their highest potential. She will look at your soul’s path and where you are within your soul development. She will help you with understanding about potentials that are available to you.

Natalie is dedicated to helping and empowering her clients. She will always make sure you are happy with your session before you leave. Remember that everything is subject to change including a reading.

How long should I wait after a reading to book another one? 

There is no particular normal time span between readings. You may only need one. On the other hand if you are going through a lot it can be beneficial to have a reading more frequently during a challenging phase.

Will my information be safe? 

All readings are confidential. Natalie is professional and has nearly 30 years of experience.

If I am not sure about having a reading, should I have one anyway? 

If you have reservations about having a reading you may not be ready. The timing may not be right. Look inside and trust yourself and your intuition. On the other hand if you simply feel fear because this is something new and unknown then as long as you pick a really good psychic/medium that is experienced, sincere and professional in their approach you should be fine. You are welcome to ring Natalie before you make an appointment and have a quick chat. You will probably be able to then feel if this is right for you by doing this.