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A Life Reading consists of in-depth insight into your energy and potentials, looking at your soul path and your highest potentials, and can include health, financial, business, relationships, home and opportunities for spiritual growth.

This reading is perfect if you are feeling lost, stuck or blocked. Natalie works with many clients who have lost their spiritual connection, knowing or connection to self. She has found that this session is a great way for her clients to start to get back on track and re-establish their connection.

As she uses more than one type of tarot card deck in her readings, she will be intuitively guided to use a combination of cards and psychic skills that match your energy on the day.

Find out your Life Code number and what this means for you…what are you life lessons & why are you the way you are?

  • Spiritual guidance psychic readings session healing
  • Life & spiritual crisis points
  • Life purpose & soul connection
  • Living authentically & stronger self connection
  • Obstacles to happiness, health & success can be identified
  • Mental clutter & confusion can clear
  • Gain new insights and potentials to situations
  • Life Codes can help you understand who you are and what you are here to learn.

Natalie’s approach is straight talking, helpful, insightful and she will help to inspire you to be the best you can be.

Most clients comment after a life reading that they feel lighter, more positive, stronger and empowered.