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Intuitive Core Healing is a way to change and let go of anything you feel stuck in so that you feel lighter, brighter, clearer and more positive.

It is a unique process of complementary therapy that has been developed to help you to find your limiting core beliefs, feelings & emotions and clear them.


* Depression
* Addictions
* Money problems
* Confidence issues
* Fears & phobias
* Relationship problems
* Relieving illness & pain
* Panic attacks & anxiety
 * Release emotional baggage
* Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxiety

If there’s something that’s not working in your life, it is caused by blocked energy in your energy system.

Intuitive Core Healing dissolves those blocks by finding the ‘core’ or the origin of the block and releases the energy around it.

Once this has happened you will feel positive changes surrounding the issue. Clients often describe this as feeling ‘lighter, better & more peaceful’

The basis of ICH is the understanding that everything that we experience on every level whether spiritual, emotional, or physical is created by our core emotions and beliefs. Some of these beliefs we are aware of however many are hidden in our subconscious.

With Natalie’s additional counselling training, genuine intuitive and psychic skills as well as her own life experience, she is in a position of empathy that allows her to understand each client and help them on their journey.

Natalie has been a healer for many years and uses a variety of techniques, working with her intuition for the most effective healing session tailored for each person.