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Have you had a psychic reading where the person tells you something you don’t like about your future? This can leave you feeling worried, anxious or despondent about your life.

A reading can be a great way of pin-pointing blocks, areas and problems in your past, present or future. But if you have had a reading and problems have been shown to you which you would like to change or are worried about you can.

black and white butterfly Readings are based on your energy at the time of the reading. Your future path has infinite possibilities which are determined by your actions and energy.

Over the years Natalie has spoken to many clients who have had a psychic reading elsewhere and have been left feeling fearful, disempowered and hopeless. She believes that a reading should empower you and even if challenging information is being shared she will endeavour to guide and encourage you so that you feel able to move forward in positive ways.

Her additional understanding and ways of working with energy gives you an opportunity to change and improve and problem or challenge that has been highlighted in your reading.

Nothing is set in stone or written in the stars and life is not happening to you without your control or input. You are an active participant and creator of your destiny. All that is needed is to change your energy! By changing your energy connected to the problem or block you change the potential outcome and new possibilities open to you.

In this session Natalie will help you to clear the energy around the issue from the reading you have had. This helps you to create a clearer path forward and take an active role in your future.  When you change your energy and clear blocks or patterns around you, new potentials open up to you.