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One of the most frequent questions I have been asked over the years is “how do I become psychic?”

Everyone has psychic ability. It is just that most of us are not fully open to it, although most people when asked will say that they have had a “gut feeling” about someone or something. Your gut feeling is a psychic feeling. It is your intuition, your “knowing” that comes from within, that has not been “thought” out in an intellectual way.

So the simple answer is to decide you are psychic! You make that choice and then intend to connect to and be open to whatever and however you want to be psychic. Just like learning to drive a car, you need to practise on a regular basis, and the more you use psychic energy the better you will become.

Next step is to begin to learn to clear a space in your mind for the psychic information to come though to, because if you have a million thoughts whizzing around there will be no room for anything new. Meditation can be very helpful with this.

When I am asked how I connect to do readings, my personal explanation is that I go up a level in a lift to a different floor where the energy and information is available for a reading. I do this easily now, and it really is as simple as pushing a lift button, and there I am!

I then trust what I pick up. Trusting takes time and practise too, and the more disciplined you are with your development the faster you will become confident in what you are doing, as you begin to see that the information you are connecting to is “right”.

Always remember to be as balanced as possible emotionally before you start, as your emotions will always influence what you “pick up”. Spend a few minutes before you do anything psychic setting your intention, relaxing, clearing your mind and energy of all the day to day distractions, and then ask the universal energies for a connection to the highest, purest and best possible sources for accurate and helpful information.