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With over 30 years experience in the Caribbean and the UK Natalie has worked as a psychic & intuitive healer helping 1000’s of clients in sessions, workshops & training.

At the age of 17 she herself went for a psychic reading where the reader told her she was in fact psychic and did not need her help. From that point Natalie’s interest in the psychic, spiritual & healing world intensified.

As a child she realised that she knew things that other people did not know and by her mid 20’s she had begun to offer psychic readings for friends and family. After fine-tuning her craft and gaining great feedback this naturally progressed over the years and she started to offer sessions professionally.

Natalie Lewis In her 30’s she realised that her soul path is to be in service to humanity and has aimed to work in a way that self empowers and uplifts her clients no matter what the circumstances. Creating an ethical and safe space is of utmost importance to her and she is always aware of the importance and impact of her role when working with clients.

Her work is a way of life as she continues to learn and explore new avenues and possibilities in the spiritual world. Natalie works on her energy and self development on a daily basis as she recognises that the clearer she is the more effective her work and sessions can be.

Although she is a natural psychic, intuitive & healer she is also a Reiki Master, NFSH Healer, Theta Practitioner & is founder of Intuitive Core Healing. She has completed a foundation counselling and Samaritan course.

A huge part of Natalie’s learning and understanding has come from her own life experiences (of which there have been many!) and she can see the perfection of each of these as she has true empathy and understanding for almost every client she works with …’been there…got the t-shirt!’

In addition to this she has travelled around the world with spiritual teachers to gain in-depth understanding about spiritual and soul development. Natalie had worked in Europe, Australia & America, as well as the Caribbean.

She is committed to giving you the best possible psychic readings & sessions she can and it is her intention that by the time the session is over, you are happy with what you have received. All sessions are confidential and she will not judge you.