There are times in life when we leave a part or loose fragments of our soul. If this happens we need assistance to return the part that is missing.

A soul retrieval session is for finding the lost fragments and re-integrating them.

This is not a conscious decision that has been made but is a sub-conscious occurrence that can often be part of a survival mechanism when we feel unable to cope with a situation that presents in our life.

The loss of part of our soul can be connected to a person or a place. Some symptoms can include, not feeling whole, depression, feeling like you cannot move forward or something is missing from life, not feeling fully engaged with life or present in your physical body.

Some reasons for needing soul retrieval could be:
soul retrievalA dramatic event, trauma or accident
A relationship break-up
Physical or emotional abuse
Leaving a home or place you love

You may think or say things like:
” A part of me is missing ”
” A part of me is still there…”
” A part of me went with, or was lost with him or her…”
” I feel shattered, broken, in pieces…”
” I lost a piece of myself”
” A part of me died…”
” You stole my life from me”

Natalie works with you to enable you to bring back the fragments and restore feelings of wholeness that were previously missing.