Relationship Cleanser/ Psychic Cord Cutting

This session can help with:

  • Getting over & disconnecting after a relationship breakup
  • Letting go & moving on from a relationship that has ended
  • Stop people draining your energy i.e. friends, work colleagues etc.
  • Help clear negativity towards you from family connections
  • Can help clear negative energy if a friendship has ended badly
  • Great for clearing anger, jealousy,envy & blame being directed at you
  • Detaching energetically from unhealthy needy or co-dependant dynamics
  • Clear your energy field from any type of intimate or sexual interaction (energy cords created this way can remain for 7 years)

With every relationship we develop energetic cords which link you and another person allowing energy to flow between you. Some are positive and others negative.

footstepsThis session is a great way to clear any negative energy that is being directed at you for whatever reason.

Many of us do not realise how much this energy can affect us in our everyday lives.

This negative energy is often unhealthy and can create imbalance for both parties. Even if the physical connection has ended and the person is no longer in your life, the emotional & energetic connections remain intact and energy can continue to flow between you.

This could cause you to feel stuck, blocked, tired, drained, heavy or emotional, stopping you from moving forward in the best possible way.

A relationship cleanser can clear the energy and connections from your past that are stopping you from moving on. You might not even realise that these connections are there and influencing you energetically.