This session is for you if you know that there are blocks in your life and you are ready to start to make changes.

By having these 2 sessions together (Life Reading & Intuitive Core Healing) greater & faster changes are possible than if having them separately.

This is because when we are going through difficulty, confusion or struggle, a reading can bring our issues to the surface and by immediately having Intuitive Core Healing it can be easier and faster to start to clear the dense energy.

Part 1) Life Reading

psychic readings session healingThis section can give you guidance and show you the potentials open to you at this time.  The session can be a great way of highlighting and pin-pointing blocks, areas and problems in your past, present or future.

By having a Life Reading, Natalie can help you identify and start to see the full picture of your life at present. She can help you put the pieces together and give you an alternative perspective on how and why things are unfolding in the ways that they are.

This is can include an in-depth look at the important areas of your current life and the best ways forward and can include health, financial, work, relationships, home and spiritual guidance.

Find out more about a Life Reading here

Part 2) Intuitive Core Healing

image butterflyIn this session Natalie will help you to clear the energy and blocks around the biggest issue or block from the reading you have just had.  You will start to clear your biggest issue by working with any negative or limiting beliefs, dense emotions & feelings.

By doing this a clearer path forward can begin. When you change your energy and clear blocks or patterns around you, new potentials open up to you.

This session can create realisations, understandings and can help to shift you energetically into a better place enabling you to move forward more easily with confidence and hope.

Using her intuition, Natalie will tune in, using unique processes by working together.

Intuitive Core Healing is a way to clear and let go of anything you feel stuck in. If there’s something that’s not working in your life, it is caused by blocked energy in your energy system.

Find out more about Intuitive Core Healing here.

This package can be intense and powerful especially if you have never worked in these ways before.

£150 (2 – 2.5 hours)