Natalie offers a variety of healing sessions for her clients. Each session has been designed to help shift you in the quickest and easiest ways possible. She started 35 years ago by working with traditional hands on healing modalities and is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer.

Specialising in working on deeper levels of self healing, personal development & spiritual growth, her combination of powerful healing skills, knowledge, intuition have enabled her to fine tune her work to provide powerful sessions for her clients.

Natalie can work with you to help you find & release the issues or challenges you are facing. With her understanding of energy, she can help you clear density or negativity around you.

This density could cause you to feel stuck, blocked, tired, drained, heavy or emotional, stopping you from moving forward in the best possible way.

These sessions are a great way to clear blocked and trapped energy and many of us do not realise how much negative energy can affect us in our everyday lives:

Intuitive Core Healing
soul healing
broken heart healing, mending & healing a broken healing
Psychic & Healing Intensive

Some of the areas that you can be helped with:

* Emotional difficulties; depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, trauma, grief or abuse
* Physical difficulties; chronic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, ME
* Spiritual levels; soul healing & re-connecting to the inner you
* Personal & self development; work on the areas that aren’t working
* Relationship healing; couples therapy, getting over a past relationship & broken heart healing

If you are experiencing any other difficulty and would like to know if Natalie can help please feel free to get in touch.