Energetic & Emotional Clearing

This session is for therapists, healers, highly sensitive people, empaths, energy workers, intuitives, psychics, mediums or anyone who is in close contact with clients/patients on a regular basis.

Work related energetic clearing

If you are working as a nurse, dentist, optician, doctor, beautician, massage therapist or any other profession where you are in close contact with clients/patients you may be aware that you can pick up the energy, emotions or feelings of the client.

If this energy is negative because they are angry, sad or upset in some way it can have a negative impact on you. You may feel tired, drained or even have a headache or another symptom afterwards.

This session is a great way to maintain your wellbeing by keeping your energy balanced and clear.

Empaths, Intuitives & Highly Sensitive People

If you fall into one or all of these categories the chances are you are absorbing the energy around you on a daily basis. The dense and heavy energy can get stuck in your energy field creating discomfort, overwhelm & imbalance.

empathMaintaining your energy and clearing this density can be essential for health & wellbeing. Your coping strategies and comfort in social situations and day to day living can be improved once the energy build up has been removed.

If you are aware that you pick up on peoples feelings, emotions, thoughts and find it difficult to not be affected this session could be a great help.

Therapists, healers, energy workers & psychics

As we all know in this line of work it is important to maintain our energy levels in order to remain in health and provide the best possible help for clients. This can prove to be challenging when working with high volumes of clients or with heavy and dense issues.

Without fully understanding the importance of clearing your energy and disconnecting fully from clients energy, we can feel very drained, tired & health issues can start to develop in the long term.

If you have a high level of empathy and compassion for a client you may be more prone to absorbing their dense energy even when not working with them in a session.