Mending & Healing a Broken Heart

When a relationship ends or we loose someone close to us it can feel as if our heart is breaking. We often feel that pain physically as well as emotionally & mentally. There is often a feeling that once our heart is broken it will always be broken or damaged in some way.

heartYou may feel physical pain, tightness in the chest, sadness, loss or insomnia. When we feel that our heart is broken we often have the belief that ‘my heart is broken’.

When we suppress or ignore our feelings the energy can become stuck or get bigger creating dis-harmony in mind & body. This healing cannot happen through the mind and you are often not able to think yourself healed. Healing needs to happen through the heart. As we connect to our feelings the suppressed or blocked energy can start to release and healing can begin.

During this session we will use energy work, visualizations, deep healing, letting go of negative or limiting beliefs about yourself. We energetically heal the ‘broken heart’ and heal your energy connected to it. By doing this we release the pain and sadness that you are carrying and bring in feelings of love, peace and feeling more complete.

Natalie will be able to intuitively guide and support you through this process.  This can be an incredibly powerful session and many clients have felt a huge shift in just one session feeling whole and complete again so that they are now able to move forward in a positive way and moving you into a place of love and acceptance of yourself and others.