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Natalie Lewis is a professional Psychic, Clairvoyant and Intuitive Healer with over 35 years experience who lives in Buckinghamshire, near London. 

She works on very intuitive and empathic levels helping you to move forward providing guidance and support. All her sessions are designed to help shift you positively as quickly and easily as possible, connecting you to your soul expansion, higher consciousness and growth.

Areas her sessions can help you with:
* Connecting to your soul potential & higher purpose
* Highlighting blocks or problems
* Gain new insights and potentials to situations
* Mental clutter and confusion can clear
* Finding & clearing repeat patterns

* Family, friendship & relationshipsNatalie Lewis
* Finances & business matters
* Health, well-being, happiness & success
* Guidance for future potentials
* Spiritual guidance & counselling
* Life & spiritual crisis points

Each session has been designed to help bring clarity, perspective and help to your life. Working on very intuitive levels sessions can help connect you to more of who you really are so that you can begin to create the life you would love to have.

Psychic Readings

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Psychic Readings, Tarot Card Readings, Bucks, Berks & London, UK
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Life Reading


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Intuitive Core Healing
Spiritual Advisor, Mentor & Counsellor

Psychic Readings can offer confirmation, inspiration and hope, providing guidance connected to your biggest issues and blocks.

By having a life reading, you can truly get a full picture in every aspect of your life, home, work, personal, spiritual, romantic and potentials for your future. Natalie is here to help you become self empowered. Being focused on your best and highest path can be challenging, it is not always the easiest to live.

Loved the session and your energy, you are very gifted.
Your reading and healing session totally exceeded my expectations and I was genuinely surprised at the emotional layers that I’d buried that you allowed me to release.


Thank you so much for your reading. Natalie has been a great help to me with her guidance in times of confusion. I have I found her to be not only accurate but also honest, caring and wise. The Intuitive Core Healing helped me tremendously when I had difficult time when starting a new job.


Wow, thank you so much for yesterday. I woke this morning feeling so energised and positive towards the future, and whilst I can barely believe some of the previous experiences that came to light yesterday, it’s incredible how liberated I feel today so again, thank you so much for your amazing work.


Dear Natalie, I wanted to thank you very much for the readings I have had with you. They have all been very accurate and almost everything you have said in your readings has come true. I have found that this helps me to plan and encourages me when I am down. They are very good. Thank you!” Anne, Barbados


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By working in these ways you are opening yourself up to a great deal of additional energy that can help you connect to your higher self, your spirituality and the higher consciousness. You are connecting to energy where all solutions and possibilities are available to us all. Wonderful things can happen after a session. By connecting to these energies you are sending positive signals to the Universe that you are ready to change and move forward. All you need do is stay open and trust.  natalie signature